‘Tis the season. A season of darkness when the world turns cold and its chill seeps into our warm homes, bringing with it the tales of times past. These are the stories that were once told on snowy nights in front of roaring fires. These are the forgotten tales. Those creations of a time gone by that have been left in the darkness. Their descriptions have been lost to time. Their characters swept away with the ashes of the last Yule log. We may have forgotten about them but this winter, we’ll see that they did not forget about us. As the weather takes a colder turn and the grip of winter tightens, as we make our way into our Havens, readying ourselves for the longer shadows and bone chilling nights, something has arrived to keep us company over the holidays. On the longest of nights, something arrives to keep us telling tales long into the night.

Inspired by the tradition of telling ghostly tales during the Yuletide celebrations, this season, Dolly and her friends will find their Safe Haven has been visited by a most unexpected and somewhat uninvited guest who is anything but silent. Join them for this annual tradition in the Haven Holiday Ghost Story! Starting on Monday December 23rd, you can enjoy daily updates right up until the New Year! Bring a blanket and something warm to drink because there’s always room around the fireplace for one more!

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