In the drop down menu, enjoy the collection of past stories!  The list below gives you a description of each available story.

Garden of Malice: A Gothic ghost story that follows the dramatic intrigue of the warring families of Courtland County. Set during the 1920s, the tale follows the members of the Noir family as they scheme against each other while a sinister presence guides them along. Originally posted from 2015 to 2018, this story is unfinished and on hiatus.

Eve of Shadows:  A holiday themed ghost story told to a relative of the mysterious Noir family about the house in the woods.  Originally written for the holiday season of 2017.

Intermission: A collection of short fake ads that appear throughout the narrative as presented by the characters in the story, usually for a product they would be associate with.  All products are fake.

A Touch of Silver: The annual holiday ghost story. Once again taking place in Courtland County, this time in present day. A grieving young boy and his father discover a special link to their family history in the haunted town. Originally posted during the holiday season of 2018.

Dream Dolly: An introduction to the new stories that were released as part of the Hello Dolly series on this site. This story follows the tale of the curvy horror hostess as she discovers that her cohost, Will, is part monster and happens to be her only help in battling a creature that is draining the life and creativity out of her and her crew. Posted originally from July to September in 2019

Haven Holiday Ghost Story: The less than creative title for the third annual ghost story that ran for the holiday season of 2019. This time featured Dolly and friends preparing for a special evening in the Safe Haven, only to find they had some rather unwanted company from an unlikely past story.