The truth is out there, friends. It lurks in the shadows, watching the real world as we go about our daily lives. Most people don’t even notice what goes on in the dark but there are those who know. Those who are curious. Those who need to know the truth. We are those people.

And who are we? We are a team of highly trained and passionate professionals* who are dedicated to finding the truth. Fate brought us together as a team and we are making our way into those shadows to find that truth.

*(“Seth, I think that there’s some legal shit around using the word professional. Like what are we supposed to be, even? Professional shit disturbers? Invite us to your town where you heard about the ghost who once had sex in that house where there’s boards on the windows and we’ll come light candles and shout some fake Latin at the wall until someone drops something off camera and we pull a Star Trek fall on the ground!”

“Shut up, Joey! We have to sound like we’re big names or no one is going to watch our stuff.”

“There’s nothing to watch! You had us crawling around in bushes behind the chem building yesterday and we can’t even use that footage because you can see the student’s union building behind you.”)

We have worked tirelessly to compile the stories that come from that darkness. We believe that those who seek have a right to know the truth.*

*(“The truth? Aren’t you laying this on a little thick, Seth? People watch this stuff to see orbs fly around in an empty room with some stupid backstory about the ghost of what’s her face and her tragic end by sepsis of a broken heart or some shit. That or they get excited when the shaking camera might have caught a shadow going by someone’s head and they can pretend they’re in peril.”

“Seriously, Joe, do you want to make money or not?”

“Again, on what? Look, man, I’m all for making a channel and having fun with it but you’re going to have to sound a little less like a complete douche bag if you want people to watch this stuff.”

“It’s called ambiance, asshole. Look it up sometime!”)

Are you brave enough to know the truth? To look at what hides in the shadows? Are you ready for the knowledge that only* we can bring you?

*(“Yes, only we can bring you the complete knowledge on how to get threatened by an eighty year old farmer who thinks that you’re trying to steal imaginary livestock from a barn that we assumed was abandoned because no one thought to look that up ahead of time.”

“The damn thing was falling into the ground! How the hell was I supposed to know someone still lived in the stupid house like a mile away?”

“There’s this incredible life skill that you learn in pre-school called asking, dumbass.”

“That’s rich coming from you, Joey. The goddamn apartment could be engulfed in flames and you would still try to figure out if you could email 911 to avoid talking to the operator.”

“Shut up.”)

Are you prepared for The Thanatos Files?

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