We Can’t Ignore H.P. Lovecraft’s White Supermacy – Wes House

Lit Hub – September 26, 2017

Halloween Special: H.P. Lovecraft – Overly Sarcastic Productions – October 31, 2018

This is What College Parties Looked Like Back in the Day – Tyler Kinkade

Huffington Post – August 13, 2013

Elite-College Admissions Were Built to Protect Privilege – Annika Neklason

The Atlantic – March 18, 2019


Biography, Themes: Civilization Under Threat, Race, Risks of a Scientific Era, Religion

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A Dreamer, A Visionary: H P Lovecraft in his Time

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Waltz to Death by Sir Cubworth for intro and outro

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Small Cthulhu – Image by EsaRiutta from https://pixabay.com/photos/cthulhu-board-game-arkham-horror-3971526/

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