Enter the Garden

Welcome to the Sinister Garden Legacy: Home to the online work of author and indie research podcaster Danielle Klassen.  Here you’ll find the podcast notes for The Armchair Scholar’s Guide, as well as a sample of my online serial fiction, the odd review and the holiday ghost stories. My Patreon is where I post updates on upcoming podcast episodes, early access to said episodes, first announcements on what is going on behind the scenes and bloopers that consist mostly of my cat interrupting me.

I am the author of three books in the Braeside series.  This story is about a group of young people trying to make their way through a dangerous and deeply haunted city that keeps many secrets in its very active shadows.  Among such secrets is a vain and cruel vampire who has become trapped under the spell of the city and uses the wants and affection of those around him for his own amusement.  The games have come to an abrupt end, however, when he realizes that there are things lurking in Braeside that terrify even him.  You can find the first book DOWNTOWN, its sequel SHADOW SEASON  and its sister story THE THANATOS FILES through the links provided.

Podcast updates are currently posted under The Armchair Scholar’s Guide!  Website reconstruction is underway so please be patient while everything is getting settled.

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