Enter the Gemini Mansion

Welcome to the infamous Gemini Mansion. No doubt you’ve come here for a good story and mark my words, you’ll get more than your fair share. Within these walls, there is so much to find. And to fear. There isn’t a single pane of glass that has not paid witness to the diabolical secrets buried beneath the ghostly sheets and the ancient dust. Those great, ghastly windows watch the little town below the trees too, you know. And then there’s the world famous garden that was left to go wild. You know, it has nearly overcome the solarium that was dedicated to her. And then there are the crumbling statues that have kept silent all these years but the rumors persist as to what they saw. And always, there are the wild roses and the soft heartbeat of the house itself. Many claimed that it ceased when the last owner of this house died. There those that say that it can still be faintly heard under the whispers of the wisteria that chokes the columns of the archway. This house knows so much about so many. So many tales to be told.

The doorway is open and there are such sinister tales of the past waiting for you. Shall we enter?

NOTE: Starting this week (April 16th), the current story is going on a short hiatus until the middle of May.  Exact date will be posted as soon as possible. I am in the middle of launching a larger project and will be needing a brief time off from the site.  That said, the regular updates will be returning soon.  I do have some parts already done but I would like the time to properly prepare my updates.  Please stay tuned to the Facebook page to get more information.  Thank you!!


Welcome to the Sinister Garden Legacy website, the home of the online serialized (and slightly interactive) stories of the fictional Courtland County and the haunted Gemini Mansion.  Updates are posted Saturdays and all news will be posted under House Business.  Please join me on my social media sites: Twitter and Facebook as well as on the site’s Tumblr and my Instagram for the latest updates on the story, the site and a few behind the scenes goodies too.


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