House Business

Below are the letters from the mistress of the garden.  They will include any updates or unforeseen circumstances of interest to the reader.

July 1st, 2019

Welcome Back Sinister Gardeners!

After months of preparing in silence, it’s finally ready! Hello Dolly is here with the first story in the series: Dream Dolly! It’s a departure from the previous story. Set in modern times, it tells the story of a struggling online horror hostess, Dead Eye Dolly, her misfit crew and some rather bumbling but still monstrous creatures who are introduced to a world of the vicious, the strange, the fantastic and the scary that have all come to seek out her and her show. Our hostess will find herself and her friends pitted up against and joined by cryptids of all walks as she tries to keep a forty hour work week and shoot an online show all at the same time.

I’ve been working very hard on this story and I hope you enjoy it. It’s quite a bit faster paced than the other one and I think there’s room for a lot to happen, so I hope you’re as excited for it as I am. Updates for the story will be on Mondays and, as an added bonus, you can expect updates on the Friday Nightmares Reviews every Friday as well. For more on that, keep an eye on the site here or join my Facebook page for more information.

Finally, like many online creators, I have a Patreon!  For those of you who are unfamiliar, Patreon is a site that allows you to subscribe to your favorite artists and content creators where you set a dollar amount you are comfortable with and, in return, you can get added perks. For anyone who might be worried, the stories and reviews will always be free here but by subscribing to my Patreon, your contributions go directly towards helping me in getting the best content I can to you while being able to live. If you are not able or comfortable with a monthly fee but would still like to contribute to the site, you can also click on the button on the bottom of the page to send me a Kofi for a one time contribution if you choose. If you are all kinds of not able to do either of those things, I love you anyway and would be grateful if you stayed a while and even told a friend. All are welcome here as long as they are kind.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read. If you are a subscriber to my Patreon or if you are just here to read a story, I appreciate all who come to visit and I hope you enjoy your stay.

Love always,