Hello All,

This is usually wherein I tell you what you could be watching instead of some stupid scenario that I thought was clever while I was writing it. I don’t know that anyone is watching these updates these days and I truly don’t blame anyone if they’re busy paying attention to the more pressing matters at hand. I don’t want to just pretend that it’s all business as usual and figured that a better use of this platform, for whoever is actually watching it, would be to try to do some good. Listed below are some great resources for you to support black content creators and businesses:

Black Stone Bookstore

The Lit Bar – Bookstore, Wine Bar and Cafe

Harriett’s Bookshop

Glam Goth Beauty

Gothic Lamb

Hooked on Airel

S.C. Parris’ The Dark World series

Pod Mortem podcast

Knight Light Podcast

There are a lot more out there to find and if you search under the hashtag Amplify Melanated Voices, you’ll find a lot of great artists, restaurants in your area, online business and more. This is just a very small part of the fight and it’s important to keep vigilant and keep an eye out for the people around you. If you are wanting to keep helping, donate where you can, share good and verified information, protest if you can, keep learning about more ways to help if you can’t. Let’s put an end to this nightmare for their sake.

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