Toby allowed the two creatures in front of him to continue to argue for a moment or two before he began to spin a little bit of a web for himself to get more comfortable. He didn’t want to be rude, as it seemed like at least one of them wanted to do more than eat him. Still, it was clear that most of this conversation wasn’t one that he could be a part of it, even if he were to show that he could understand what they said. He most certainly understood that they meant to eat him but unlike the predator that sometimes came to check on the nice girl with the cat, these ones had fish tails and didn’t seem that interested in coming too far onto the sand. Even if they could, they seemed more preoccupied with their bickering than they did with him. Toby was actually a little grateful for how distracted they were because it gave him an opportunity to observe them without having to find a way to communicate. They were, after all, very fascinating creatures.

Toby had not really had that many chances to see the ocean, or really any body of water, on account of how terrified Will was of them. To be honest, he didn’t really understand why Will had such a fear of water creatures. Granted, the two in front of him were really the only ones that he’d seen that might be large enough to do him any harm but they also seemed rather easy to get away from. In fact, Will was a might bit bigger than the creatures in front of him and while his friend was not exactly known for being particularly brave, he wasn’t that much of a coward either. Besides, aside from their intention on eating him and the fact that they were dreadfully prone to bickering, these two creatures were actually quite lovely to watch. They had rather large mouths that Toby was rather less enamoured with but their teeth were different than he had assumed they would be. Thin and spindly incisors and rows of short, sharper teeth could be seen when they began to really yell at each other and open their mouths in awkward ways. Still, he found the rest of them to be far more interesting and, in the case of their tails, even beautiful. Their skin had a strange sheen on it and after focusing for a minute or two, he could see that they were covered in scales. He thought it was rather clever that the scales of the upper body were able to reflect different flesh tones, even in the moonlight. If they moved one way, they looked at pale as Will used to but if they moved another, they looked like they had darker skin like their new friend who lived with them. But it was really the tail that caught Toby’s attention.

Both tails looked like they were silver in the pale light of the evening and when they moved in the shallow waters, he saw flashes of pretty colors like reds and purples and greens. He was pretty content to look at them as he relaxed, keeping his other eyes fixed on his surroundings to make sure nothing else was coming up around him. It was actually quite pleasant being here by the shore. The sea air was cool but it wasn’t cold like the stones back home. There were many smells here and though his sense of smell wasn’t great, he was overwhelmed by how new they all were to him. There was a lot and he could imagine that someone like Will or their new friend would likely find it almost too much. For him, though, it was just perfect. The sky wasn’t entirely dark yet and the line of the fading sunlight on the horizon was going deeper colors. The water reflected the colors in such a nice way and it was soothing. If not for the arguing of the two pretty creatures in front of him, the lapping waves might have coaxed him to take a nap.

Thinking of this made Toby feel a little guilty. He was pretty sure that the creatures hadn’t been speaking to him but he hadn’t been paying attention. In fact, he would feel pretty bad if they had been talking to him at all in this whole time that he’d been admiring the sunset and he didn’t at least signal that he was listening. He did so hate to be rude. When he looked back to the creatures in the water, he was relieved to find that they had gone on to commenting on how terrible the other one was at hunting. While he didn’t think they were that bad, he couldn’t deny that they didn’t seem to understand that this was a bit of a silly argument to be making in front of him, especially if they were hoping that anything else would happen along that they could entice. That said, he was getting a little concerned that both of these creatures were starting to comment on how lean the other was getting. Granted, they were doing so to insult the other but it was a little concerning. After all, as a fellow creature who was a hunter of sorts, he could appreciate the difficulties of not necessarily knowing how to catch something large enough to feed himself. And now that he looked at them, they were a little bit skinny. He knew so little about fish because of Will but he did so hope that this wasn’t indicative of a lack of food.

Well he couldn’t very well sit idle while these two were starving. He knew that it wasn’t much but he also knew that a little webbing net would be enough to catch at least a little bit for these two. He didn’t know what they would need but he figured that even being able to trap something might help to sustain them a bit more while they learned better hunting tactics. Better yet, he knew the web would withstand the water but it wouldn’t be able to trap him so he knew he was safe from their antics, should they decide to use him as a test subject. He listened to their bemoaning for a few more minutes while he weaved. He was a bit nervous that the lack of light was going to make the weaving of the webbing a bit harder for him, considering that he would have to make it into a bit of a different pattern than he normally did. It wasn’t until the light was gone that he realized that the starlight above was actually quite a bit more helpful than it was back home.

Toby paused in his web making for a few minutes to look up with more than one set of eyes as the stars above him. They were quite delightful. There were just so many of them and when he saw them like this, he could see just how bright they made the evening around him. He was quite taken with the sight of it all, particularly enticed by the lovely sparkles of the nearest ones. They made the whole of the night sky not at all dark and brooding black like back home but a beautiful, rich dark velvet blue.

“I told you that it was able to understand things!” the first creature exclaimed, flipping its tail indignantly. “I told you! Look at the way it looks up at the sky.”

“That proves nothing at all,” the other creature countered. “You said it yourself. It can’t talk so it can’t even tell us what its looking at. For all we know it caught sight of a bird and is trying to figure out if it should flee or stay still.”

The mention of birds immediately caught Toby’s attention and for the first time, he looked directly at the two creatures as they looked at him. He watched them as they eyed him, now more curious than they were trying to hunt him. Without the ability to talk and no one like Will who was usually able to read his body language, he was forced to use the web that he’d spun for his seat to make figures for them. He was able to make a small bird fairly easily, trying not to get caught up in the details. The one figure cocked its head to the side when looking at it but Toby was encouraged when the second one seemed to understand what it was.

“Why, I believe it has made a bird,” the second creature said, excitedly. “Is that it? You heard me say bird and you made one out of your little kelp that you have there?”

“It doesn’t look like kelp,” the other remarked.

Before the pair could start to argue again, Toby presented them with the bird again and used his back legs to try to get their attention. When they were both looking, he pointed to the bird with one of his front paws and spread the back legs out wide. Pausing for a second, he pointed to the bird again and made his back legs go closer together again.

“Oh how clever!” the first creature said. “It’s asking if they are big or small.”

“Clever indeed,” the other agreed. “Do you think it’s looking for the great sea birds?”

Toby cocked his head to the side, looking at the creature who spoke.

“Look over there, clever creature,” it replied pointing over towards a darker horizon to their left. “You can see it gliding up towards its nest up on the rock face there.”

Toby looked towards where the two creatures were pointing, keeping his one eye trained on them. He forgot the creatures in the water when he saw that they were indeed pointing towards a bird flying in the dark. Its feathers were gleaming like fiery streaks across the sky in the remains of the dying light of the day. It was large and carrying a very large fish as it flew towards the dim rock face. It was the most delicious looking thing that Toby had ever seen.

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