Hello Sinister Gardeners,

I am less than enthused to have to come on here and say that the Friday Nightmare Review is somewhat delayed this week. I got some extremely upsetting personal news within the last couple of weeks and despite starting the review before this happened, I got all kinds of behind afterwards. It hasn’t been the best of times and normally I wouldn’t have had this happen but because we’re dealing with a family tragedy, it put me behind in ways that I’m only now starting to recover from. I will still be posting the review but it will be late. That said, story updates were finished before this and they can be expected to continue as per the norm. Added bonus is that Patreon supporters will be getting regular updates too and that will include both this Friday Nightmare Review for this week and the one for the following week at the same time. If that sounds like fun to you, consider tossing me a dollar for a month.

Thank you for your patience. I promise that I’m trying to get on top of this and get back to regular content as soon as possible.

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