Happy New Year Sinister Gardeners!

I hope that you’ve enjoyed some down time during the holidays and that you enjoyed the annual ghost story as well as the little adverts that I made for the gap. Regular updates of the story Garden of Malice are going to be coming soon. I am aiming to have everything starting up by the end of the month, barring any issues. I hadn’t intended to have a gap there but due to how long it took to get the ghost story done and the fact that I hadn’t counted on having to work my day job as much as I did over the holidays, I ended up with less time off to work on regular updates than I had intended. I also made a post over on the Facebook page that details how much I did over 2018. The amount of work I took on left me feeling really drained by the end of the year and it really threw out any urges I had to be creative for a while. Seeing as that was the case, I had less time and less motivation to get anything done and I wasn’t able to create what I wanted.

All this said, I am going to be coming back with updates soon. I decided that since January is my birthday month, I would enjoy a little bit of time to get my creative works back in order and start something new to focus on as well. With my regular hours back to normal, I think that this should work soon and we can expect to see some updates before you know it.

In all, I really thank everyone who takes the time to read my stories and check out my work. I am looking forward to getting new content out soon and hopefully with some decent surprises along the way. I hope that 2019 has started on a great note for all of you and I look forward to bringing you more of the dramatics of Courtland County soon. In the meantime, you can always check out the book or the novella that I wrote over on Amazon. If that’s not your thing, that’s okay. Have a great end to the holiday season and here’s to a great year ahead!

Cheers and happy reading!

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