Dear Mr. “White”;

It is regrettable that we find ourselves working under these conditions, no? These masks, that we so hate. I suppose that it’s for the best, as you say, but it feels so beneath us, my friend. We had so much more freedom before this. So much more pride. But that was not for you, was it? Not the attention you craved. I suppose I understand though you’ll permit me to say that this place is a damn prison. As long as you are okay being warden, I suppose that this suits you fine. You’ll pardon the dampness of my spirits. The summer winds are dying here and I find that the autumn chill is getting to me. Winter is so utterly unforgiving here. So isolating from more exciting places.

You’ll be happy to know that for as far as I can tell, the chore that was to be done took care of itself quite thoroughly and without any of our people needing to be involved at all. Without being too blunt, my friend, suffice it to say that whatever trash needed to be taken out, it was done by someone else and quite clumsily I might add. Final report on the matter was that the offending company left quite the mess for everyone else to clean up. All for the best, if I do say so myself. The new company that has gathered in the wake of it having been dealt with has come from further than one might expect. I anticipate that there might yet be some interesting people coming to town shortly and while new company is always exciting, they are a little too well dressed for my liking. Dare I say, it was almost as though fate had favoured you with its kindness in the manner. There is nothing amiss among anyone that I attend to. I’m sure that you will find that Mr. Glass agrees, wherever he might be. You will have to send him my way one of these days.

I have some less welcome news to report as well. I’ve had someone look into the disturbance with the new account. The new assets are frozen and from what I’ve heard, this will likely stay in such a state until you are able to tend to them in person. There is a rather regrettable issue attached to this matter because of the name. Don’t fret about that, however. I know how in love you are with your solitude these days and with the weather turning so quickly here, I suppose I can hardly blame you. I’ll see what can be done about this. Seems as though it was just as dire as it had initially seemed and had you not caught it when you did, there would have been some significant damage done to some of your current projects. Seems luck is ever in your favour as the other accounts are all completely stable and last I have heard, Mr. Glass has kept them secure. You’re sure he is trustworthy, my friend? That is a hefty responsibility. I would hate for him to miss something and leave you in a bind. But, I suppose, that is what I’m here for, is it not? To make sure that all goes according to plan. As far as freezing the assets of the new account, it will not affect anything else and the new projects will start as scheduled. Mr. Black will be thrilled at the timeline, no doubt. No word yet on the culprit who had tried to get a finger in the door but there were a few clues. I’m sure that someone will remember something soon. I can guarantee that anything that comes down the wire will find its way to you. I have very good sources.

In other, less than welcome but also less than surprising news, cousin Johnny boy has been stung by a rather familiar predator. Foolish young thing, that Johnny boy. Always dabbling in with those pretty mayflies that he loves to flirt with. There is a little bit of word that he has found himself in compromised company these days. He was found barely able to stand just the other day. His account is paid up in full so we need not worry too much about his less than savory activities but word has it that he was acting in such a manner to please someone else. Ah, but what man hasn’t fallen for the tricks of a snake before? He is still walking and remembers very little about this “starlet” as he calls her. You know how vipers are. Striking and leaving their prey behind. That said, I agree about precautions. You can pass on to the others that I will be keeping an eye on poor cousin Johnny. Make sure that he recovers nicely. I’m sure that there are ways to make him comfortable and perhaps he will remember more.

And I find it rather refreshing that you’ve taken interest in the woman about town, my friend. Of course, your taste may leave something to be desired here. I can tell you that she has extremely expensive taste and an eye for what is chic right now, I can also assure you that despite her beauty, she is digging very heavily into whatever soil might produce a hefty amount of return. Not really a woman of good character but definitely one of good breeding. Might be of some interest if you were to go about town but I do suggest that you keep whatever dalliances you might have had in mind with her brief. Of course, considering the company that she’s been spotted with recently, perhaps you won’t have much of a chance.

It surprises me, my friend. Our new lady about town is so vivacious and makes a point to be so, even when she knows it makes her stand out. I suppose that speaks to the woman’s vanity but then she was spotted just a week or so ago heading off towards the Kent family estates. You know the ones. That gaudy tribute to their own family that sits in the trees and the proper house that sits off on a second property. I still think that it would have been a darling move on your part to have chosen that piece of land that their unsightly museum sits on. Would not the house have been much more hospitable in such a choice location? Ah, but I also recall your words upon finding out the name of the property owner. Suffice it to say that they might have rung true then but I would hate to think of how painful such a truth could be if you were stuck in their vicinity for that long. The smell of the old money alone might be enough to drive a fellow mad.

I should mention that apparently such an odor does not offend our new lady visitor to Courtland County. Seems our mystery woman was able to get an audience with Lady Kent herself, even following her current misfortune. There are a few who claim that she managed to get a meeting with her even after the incident. While I know you loathe to associate with anyone connected to that world, I can tell you that you may very well want to keep your wits about you when you do need to venture in to take care of the little asset issue. This lady, charming though she may be, seems as though she might be looking for powerful friends. A friend such as her might prove to make all of our lives more difficult than it needs to be. She does seem a bit too lively for the dreary Kent family to take but I’ve seen them entertain far more unique company, to put it politely. Considering how little anyone knows of the state of Lady Kent, perhaps she was attempting to see what manner of luck she had there. Given the history of that family, I should suppose that Master Kent might very well be grooming his next bride should his previous one take a turn for the worse. Should that be the case, I very much encourage you to stay away. The Kent family is dreary from afar but quite a bit nastier up close. Master Kent lacks more than charm and his company would prove quite taxing, my friend.

Finally, I am displeased to say that Brother Edward has taken to wandering lately and as of writing, he has failed to contact me at all. Now, I will mention that he is known for making his own rounds and checking on other affairs from time to time. Brother Edward is just so kind like that. Always helping in other areas. That said, he is usually fairly prompt when it comes to replying to me. I will keep you abreast of the situation as it unfolds but I will admit that he is usually not so quiet. I know you are less enthusiastic about contacting Brother Edward. He has his own specific brand of charm, I admit. That said, he is easy enough to get along with when the mood strikes him. Should you find him wandering in your area these days, please tell him that his family misses his humor. Let him know that there is more good cheer to be spread around at home and there is even a section set aside for him should be return quickly. That will likely get his attention, regardless of what errand he might be on. You’ll see too, my friend, that it does wonders to keep him in good spirits.

Alas, there are other duties that call to my attention. Please do respond as soon as you can. I know that you are dreadfully busy these days, what with the new projects filling up and others hurriedly getting done before the snow begins to fall. And please do mention to Mr. Glass that I would be very happy to entertain his company should he be in the neighborhood. We really ought to be better friends, he and I. Do pass on my invitation.

Sincerely and always in friendship,

Mr. Gray

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