Dear Mr. White;

I will begrudgingly applaud your prompt response to my requests. I stress that this pains me to do so because of what I will reveal to you in this letter but I do feel on some level that I should recognize the amount of effort that you have put into this venture. I am well aware of how little you wish to be doing these chores and you’ll be happy to know that you’ve made that very clear in every single one of your correspondences with me throughout this incredibly difficult process. I’m sure it pleases you greatly to know that this was quite frustrating and made receiving each piece rather unpleasant. I also must give you some recognition for being as thorough as you were with the list that I gave you. I admit that I had not anticipated that you should be able to fill such requests as quickly as you did. A month is scarcely much time for such a speedy turn of things for even the most resourceful people I know. Somewhat suspicious as well. If I were at liberty to allow myself to speculate, I would be able to move past my awe at the results of your task at such speed and wonder in more concrete ways on how this was made so by one such as yourself. You do have the dour personality of a rattlesnake, after all. I fear, for better or for worse, my suspicions will simply have to be shelved for the moment, however. There have been some developments that will affect our plans and with how quickly you’ve managed to pull through may well have been a boon I might not be in the position to scoff at.

I trust that it is quite difficult to forget that terrible location in which we last met. You’ll be happy to know that I have done everything that needs doing and the transaction is secure. There is nearly nothing left to be done and shortly it should pass into the hands of the one who deserves it most. That said, as with every real estate transaction these days it seems, said location has had some rather unpleasant issues crop up as of late. I will spare you the specifics but you should be aware that certain persons of interest have met their rather gruesome end on that wretched lot. In fact, there have been several somewhat high profile issues on those backroads lately and that is somewhat cause to worry. While there is little to be done on the backroads and there will be no changing of the trails at this point, especially after such a long and brutal winter, the bodies on the lot are something of a concern. It is even more distressing that one of the deceased is someone with whom we are both acquainted. While I do hate to alarm you, this does mean that moving forward must happen sooner. This loss will likely mean others will come soon and this one was far too close to home. I shall wait until I have more details to contact you in more secure ways to give you the information. It was quite a sudden death and that is a particularly unnerving bit of information that was passed on to me only yesterday.

Before you ask, I will let you know directly that this was in no way part of the plan that I have set in motion. If I am being perfectly honest, it’s a damn rotten turn of luck that this should befall us now. This venture is one of a difficult risk and it involves far more than I have let on. I know this is something you are less than enthusiastic about but when it is revealed, you will understand better my needs. I will also address your infuriating worry by putting your fears to rest sooner than later. You can rest assured that this setback will not stop all that preparations that I have set in motion. I stress that you need not worry about that. I will admit that there are a number of people I would have preferred to keep in the dark in terms of this venture but giving the circumstances, this looks like it may well be impossible. I will write you again shortly to avoid any more issues. To dawdle on this development may well mean that the preparations that we both have done and the sacrifices that we’ve made will be in vain. I will ensure that it will not come to that. If there is any time that I might call upon your memory of my skills, it would be now.

And now I would like to address the issue that has dogged me for a while in regards to this plan. I find your lack of faith exceedingly frustrating but I suppose, if further pressed, I can grant you my strained sympathies on it. I have been quiet about the developments of things going so far and I suppose should I have found myself in your position, I might very well be tempted to find concern with this plan as well. That said, I will remind you that I’ve had entirely too many opportunities to betray you over the course of our association with each other. Given our mutual hatred of each other, I assume that you understand exactly how difficult it is to ignore that level of temptation. I’ve often thought to myself that I have descended into sheer lunacy for continuing such a relationship that would drive me to the nearest local tavern, should any of them still exist. Still, I cannot pretend that I have not noticed exactly how lucrative our association has been nor can I deny that you have kept up your end of the bargain even when I have completely disapproved of your means of doing so. We have come through our association this far and I’ve yet to fall prey to the vultures that I had prepared for. As much as it truly galls me to admit this, I suppose that this counts for something. Perhaps it’s been enough to keep my loyalty in check so far. Whatever it is that ties me to your miserable hide, I’ve yet to come to a place where I can be rid of you. You’ll simply have to accept this as being as close to an admission of needing your presence as I’m prepared to make. I would appreciate it greatly if we never spoke of this once this letter is reduced to ash as it should be.

In the meantime, please be on the awares that this might yet bring some action into this plan fast and I may need to find you in real life, should that be the case. Be prepared. You may find some of this upon your doorstep and I may very well be there with it. If this is the case, I will do my best to give you whatever advanced warning as much as possible. Until then, stay vigilant and I will wait your next correspondences. Please don’t delay.

Yours in disgust and frustration,

Mr. Gray

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