House Business

Below are the letters from the mistress of the garden to the guests of the house.  They will include any updates or unforeseen circumstances of interest to the reader.

December 18, 2016

Season’s Greetings Sinister Gardeners!

It’s that time again where we all do those things that either make us feel happy during the holiday season or do our best to ignore that there is a holiday season. I have a video coming up on just this subject that you can check out on the Sinister Garden Shed, if you are so inclined. And just as it is the time of year to either celebrate or bitch about the season, it’s also time for me to retreat for a few weeks until the new year. There will be no new updates during the holidays but they will resume as of January 7th!

Until then, Merry Krampus to all my sinister gardeners and may you all celebrate the way that makes you happy!