This week’s “sponsor” is none other than the Beet House coffee shop! Located in the southern edge of the core of downtown Braeside, this unique coffee shop has a lot to offer both locals and tourists to the city. Here’s one of their baristas to give you more information!

Hey you! You don’t know it but you’re thirsty and the only thing that’s going to satisfy someone of your discerning taste is a very large, freshly brewed cup of coffee. Sure you could go down to any given corner and grab what amounts to a passable cup of burnt demon swill but let’s be honest, that isn’t going to hit the spot no matter who you are. And don’t think I don’t hear you in the back there. I know there’s someone out there already thinking of heading out to grab a coffee from that corporate mega chain that you can find on the moon at this point. You could go there to pay extra for something that passes for the coffee you deserve *or* you could get the best cup of coffee in the entire city. I mean, it’s still your choice but I already know what I would pick and I am definitely someone of discerning taste.

Here at the Beet House, we focus less on the unimportant elements of coffee shop life. Oh you might have seen a few of the local competitors laughing at the decor but you know what their coffee actually tastes like? Water with brown food coloring in it, that’s what. And no, that wasn’t just me being sassy, that was an actual review my friend gave them on his blog. I trust his judgement. Anyway, I’m being forced to move on from one truth to a more important one. Yes, our decor is unique but it’s all in service to making sure that we give you the absolute best cup of coffee in town by making sure it’s the priority of the people who work here. We roast our own beans and you can guarantee that we ground them up while you were standing there waiting to order. And specialty coffee drinks? Oh I have you covered on those. You will not find anyone else in this city who knows as much as I do about the syrups and the ratios to use in your drinks.

And lest I give you the wrong impression, while our furniture might look a little different than you might expect, we do have quite the selection for everyone. In fact, it is precisely because of our location and our aesthetic that we are able to offer community events, live entertainment and even board game nights. We even have two permanent game tables set up for both serious players and casual alike. You can ask myself or my coworker about getting started and we’ll give you everything you need to make an afternoon of your visit.

So when you’re ready to enjoy an amazing cup of coffee in a setting that is truly not like any other, come visit us at the Beet House!

And according to my coworker, we have tea too. Wait, what’s this called? This is fucking delicious and it’s made with tea? Brian, how long have you known about these London Fog things? You let me go for the entire advertisement without mentioning that you have this gift and I look like an idiot now! How dare you embarrass me like this!

You can find out more about the Beet House and its location in Braeside by reading the book Downtown or The Thanatos Files by your truly, Danielle Klassen. Thanks for reading and we’ll be back to Hello Dolly next week!

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