Dear Master Victor Fevrier;

We at the firm have received your previous letters with the instructions that you provided as well as made the recommendations and amendments to the accounts in question from the previous misunderstanding. Please do accept again our greatest apologies for the oversight as well as our thanks for your continued patronage following this incident. Rest assured that while we have made every effort to rectify the situation, there will never be a need to doubt our services again. We also thank you for sending your correspondent directly to manage the affairs. He was most helpful in getting order placed back in the accounts that were set up and you can rest completely assured that these accounts are stable and secure from the time that we received your letter to now as you read the follow up. Again, accept both on behalf of the firm as well as myself our greatest apologies.

Do forgive me this introduction but it seems that pleasantries must be kept to a minimum at this time. We are still at odds in locating the offending letter that had convinced us of your previous correspondence with us and though it seems as though it may or may not have been misfiled, I personally assure you that we are aware of the dire consequences that this may have had and as such we are making this matter top priority. We do hope that your silence throughout is not a sign of losing confidence with the firm as I can guarantee that we are taking care to treat this matter with the kind of dire seriousness that it deserves. I give my word that we are working hard to get to the bottom of this matter and give you the peace of mind that you deserve.

I must ask your patience as well for I have some worse news that I had hoped to spare you but alas, as our last correspondence was not given a reply and we are looking at a time sensitive issue, I am forced to inform you of it now. Forgive me. I had hoped that it would not be necessary to concern you with this matter but it appears as though this is not to be. We had written to you some time ago at the end of summer that your father had been scarcely heard from and that he was missing from his usual social circles. I believe that you had mentioned that he might be vacationing in one of his retreats and we too had been under this assumption until three weeks ago at the time of writing. We had received a letter last spring instructing us to sell off one property and had done so at a fair price. We received yet another correspondence a number of weeks ago with similar instructions to settle a good price for your father’s Wales property that he was rather fond of. Given the error that was made on your own account, we had requested the elder Master Fevrier come to sign the papers to begin the process rather than simply proceed and we had yet to hear from him. Three weeks ago, we sent for him at the estate as well as at the Wales property.

It should be of some consolation that your father is indeed still alive but he is in poor shape and is indeed in the care of a doctor. I will not be deceptive or paint you an optimistic picture, however. The elder Master Fevrier is receiving the best care available but it appears to be doing very little for him and his heath is failing. The doctor attending him has given us word that his condition continues to decline. He will not see the end of winter and there is doubt that he might survive until Christmas. It pains me to let you know this and even moreso that it was said that you might not yet be able to make a return to France before his passing. I had wanted to wait until I could see you personally or if it was something that could be addressed separately but with your father’s failing health becoming more dire, I did not wish to wait any longer, lest it be too late to inform you of this before. From everyone at the firm, we extend our most sincere apologies that this tragic time has befallen your family and we offer our support in a time that must be most difficult for you. If you should have any need of our assistance at this time, please send a telegraph or air mail if need be and there will be no hesitation on our end to ensure that you are tended to in your time of need. All our staff have been alerted of this and are prepared to address any of your wishes at this time.

We also wish to speak to you at a later date about the inheritance and its trajectory. Due to the prior confusion, there were some adjustments made to the recipients and that included certain beneficiaries that are no longer of concern. Please forgive the statement as I am attempting to be delicate in this matter but I admit that we found the instructions sent through your associate to be rather difficult to understand. We do wish to clarify but, of course, that can wait for a later time. We will postpone any and all concerns on the matter until you have had time to grieve and properly pay your respects. For now, as we are placing this matter on a lower priority, you can rest assured that we will follow through with the last of your wishes that you had sent and will modify them only upon hearing from you in the agreed upon fashion.

Finally, we are moving forward with the account that you had set up through your correspondent that you sent and it will become active as of the first of January in the coming year. I admit that this is a bold move and one that our firm would not have anticipated but we remain excited for the prospect. Please do not hesitate to let us know if there is anything that we might assist you with further. It is our pleasure to be working with your associate Mr. Glass and we are thrilled that he has been able to secure so much in terms of resources for this venture for you. I will say, however, that we were somewhat surprised that you included your sister as a beneficiary for this venture and while we are delighted to see that you act with such generosity towards a beloved family member, we do wish to establish a somewhat discreet manner in which to process your request. Please know that we mean no disrespect towards you or your darling sister but we have been made aware of treachery amid family members in the past, particularly when such a large sum was involved. We would hate to be a part of a family scandal that might otherwise create a rift where there not need be one. Please advise at your earliest convenience on what the best course of action might be and how we might ensure that you are able to see your wishes fulfilled in the most efficient and safest manner.

With that, I bid you a thoughtful farewell for the moment and wish you all the very best. I apologize again for the misunderstanding of before and I wish to extend any and every courtesy to you at this time to ensure that you remain confident that we are taking your situation, including the tragedy that has befallen your whole family, very seriously. I will personally see to it that you get anything you need. at this time and please do not hesitate to contact me if need be. Until our next letter, I bid you a restful time of peace and healing from the recent unpleasantness of these times.

Kindest regards,

Edward Holly

Stephenson & Holly

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