Summer Nightmares are coming!

Starting on June 1st, things are going to get a little more seasonal around here! Young Bucks is going to be put on hold to make way for a short summer tale that will last for the rest of the season until September. Anyone who wants to know more about the story coming up will have to wait for the start of the month but as of today, Patreon subscribers are getting their first instalment and have already seen the art for the next story. For a monthly contribution of a dollar, you can get everything early and there are more rewards to be found at higher tiers. Click the link for more info!

And as of now, we are going to transition to Summer Nightmares for films and books too. For the next movie review, I’ll have more information on some of the special additions that I’m making to the Friday Nightmare Reviews as a means of helping people get the most out of a weird and sometimes trying summer. Because I’m working with a theme, you might see some more popular choices crop up sometimes but wherever possible, I’ll still be including reviews of the lost, forgotten and just oddball gems that I can highlight.

Summer might not be what you wanted or expected this year but that doesn’t mean it has to be bad or that it can’t be a little spooky. So join me on here or on Patreon if you can’t wait and let’s get through the season of heat and sweat and sunshine together, even if we are six or more feet apart.

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