Dear Mr. Gray,

I hope you appreciate how much this little plan of yours is causing me the kind of strife that I’ve been told is exactly the sort I should be avoiding. I’m glad to see that my health, which you were so very concerned about prior to this, is still of the utmost importance to you. Truly, I’ve never met an associate more diligent about such things. Dare I say, if you were any more generous with the anxiety and frustration you cause me, I would be given to believe that you were attempting to finish what my darling sister tried to accomplish. If so, please note that a woman of her talents is rarely given to the idea of sharing credit for such achievements and would likely take such acts as a challenge. I don’t suggest attempting to level such a grave insult in her direction, lest you find yourself suddenly short of breath and flush with a tingling sensation that you cannot be rid of. I can assure you from experience, it doesn’t end well and is rather unpleasant.

As to the details of the project at hand, with the few bits of information that I’ve been provided with, you will forgive me for being somewhat tardy. I have done as you asked for the most part and I have, to the best of my ability, pulled from my resources to ensure that you have what you need at your disposal. That said, there are a few things that you are requesting that, given the somewhat sensitive nature of these items, are somewhat more difficult to provide. I expect that this will be to your annoyance, however, this is one that cannot be helped. As per our last meeting, you had mentioned that there were certain people whom I have some access to, albeit at a very calculated distance. This may be true but the arrangement of their assistance is something that would be better facilitated if I were able to give them a certain amount of information about what they were agreeing to. This would also provide them a timeline on the hurry that we’re demanding from them. While I am not at liberty to ask the business men you speak of in person, as I have no personal business tied with theirs, I do have other people who might act in my interest. That said, I have to stress, and I want this to be clear to you, that any involvement of anyone associated with me will be done fairly. My associates are valuable to me and I have never once sent you into a situation unprepared for what you might have to contend with nor have I ever allowed you to meet with anyone under assumed or false information. I would ask that you extend us the same courtesy now.

I understand that certain dealings in the recent months have not been to your liking and while I respect that you felt that I had been dishonest with you, I will once again stress that I had not done anything that would have allowed for anyone under my employ to be placed in a dangerous situation or one that might allow for them to become entangled in something they could not get out of. While it pains me greatly to admit this to someone I genuinely hate as much as you, when it comes to the difficulties of your position, it is because your skills and your reputation are well earned. This is not always the case with others under my employ but I have more confidence in your abilities, regardless of how much I dislike you personally for being a wretch and a nag. I don’t anticipate that this will placate you but if it at least goes on to enlighten you to my apparent lack of support that I can provide you, then this letter will not have been wasted.

And a word, if you will, about the business at hand. I wrote to you in confidence prior to this about the rather thorny situation that I find myself in when it comes to certain people. That situation, for what I can tell, has not improved and only serves to become worse. The time that we have is valuable and if your designs, however vague they appear to me, are within the interest of both of us, I will ask you now directly to be frank with me. I do not ask that you understand or even approve of my motives nor will I go to the length of trying to explain them to you. I only ask that if you value this position that we have created here, we work quickly to resolve what is to come for I believe it will become very ugly very quickly. I can assume that my fate is of no concern to either of us but I will not see the people that I employ nor the one I choose to help wither under a sense of false security. You’ve gained my trust as an associate but this plan of yours, whatever it leads to, leaves me in doubt for their sake. For as much as I assume that our mutual hatred disregards what would be in my best interest here, I will accept that only if it not interrupt the lives of those around me. I will work against anything that I feel might be looking to accomplish that goal.

With the post running on a fairly regular basis now, I should expect a reply shortly. Please do not be tardy as the chilling nature of the house in the woods will grow worse with each day and there is only so much cunning one can rely on, even for a viper.

Yours in disdain,

Mr. White

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