Following her half sibling had been both a feat of great ease but infuriating difficulty. Holding her in her sights had been dreadfully easy but Charlotte found that her target was rather paranoid today and it made for very high risk of getting caught. For nearly a block down the crowded street, Caroline acted like a child feeling guilty for stealing from the candy shop. Clutching the envelop in plain sight, she darted around people as though she were in search of the wits that she’d misplaced. It might have been terribly embarrassing to watch if it hadn’t made it so bloody easy to follow her. With the ease of trailing after her, however, came the unfortunate need to be more cautious as Caroline looked about herself wildly as though she expected the police to lock her up on the spot. Charlotte was both thankful and regretting her hat choice today. It was brilliantly helpful when her stunned sibling was in danger of spotting her but was quite easy to spot amid the other ladies on the street. Charlotte was tempted to take off her hat but her black tresses would all but announce who she was. It was possible that perhaps she might not immediately recognize the woman that Charlotte had become but it was best not to tempt fate and ruin her chances to get at that damned letter, particularly when the woman she wished to follow was acting so very suspicious. It was that suspicion, however, that was proving to be so taxing and already, she could tell her pathetic target might very well be aware that she was being followed. For as much as she gave Caroline no credit when it came to noticing most details, she knew that her wretch of a sibling would know those curls. She would see the dark of her hair and see how it was similar to their brother’s. The way that he carried himself and the shape of his face, so alike to her own demeanor and features, it was impossible to hide it. No, she adored Victor too much to miss the likeness and all would be spoiled. And there was too much that was barely hidden right in front of her to foil it up now.

Charlotte was overcome with the strangest urge to come up close to Caroline and snatch that envelope from her. Just the same as she would come up to her when they were children. Oh how that had been her favorite game. The wicked pass time of finding out what fidgeting Caroline was stewing over now. How little had changed, she thought, smiling. There was the bumbling fool, all grown up now, doing the same dance along the sidewalks as she sought out some relief to some terrible secret. It was just like when she was young. Broken dolls that their father had given her, smashed in a fit of childish rage and it would make for a whole day of watching her attempt to hide her shame. Later on, they would find something buried somewhere on the estate, the tell-tale sign that she had done wrong and attempted to change the circumstances to remove her own involvement. Charlotte half hoped that this journey was to bury that letter in her hand. Clearly it was something that proved to be a great strain on her and it was very obvious to anyone that she had done wrong. She didn’t know how but Charlotte knew that the answer to this was in that envelope. It was practically a declaration of her guilt but over what, Charlotte couldn’t tell. The answer was haunting her and it only made her lust to pluck that envelope from her very fingers all the greater.

In her focus on the object in Caroline’s hand, Charlotte had quickened her pace and for a brief, clumsy moment, she was certain that she had been spotted. She felt her blood chill at such a brutally childish mistake. Still, she felt that almost sickening urge to draw forward towards the letter. She was finally able to draw a proper breath when she saw the wretch was still oblivious but guarded. No, maybe not completely oblivious but rather unaware. Caroline, she could clearly see, was on the verge of one of her fits. She was volatile and paranoid but not necessarily more careful because of it. If the idea of a threat entered her scope, she would surely flee with the tantalizing letter still in her hand. If, on the other hand, the threat simply made her feel stupid, why the fool would simply ignore it to hide her shame. Taking a greater risk than she was comfortable with, Charlotte entered a shop nearest to where Caroline had stopped walking. Now that there was no woman in a large hat to recognize, her half sibling might be in less danger of running for cover. Charlotte struggled to see her through the window of the shop, careful to not touch or look at anything too long, lest the vendor make an appearance and attempt to be helpful. To her dismay, Caroline ducked into a nearby building and out of her sight. Gritting her teeth, Charlotte left the shop and quickly made her way to the nearby building.

Holding her head high, Charlotte’s demeanor did not change from the outside but inside she was broiling with a kind of seething she had never felt before. She wanted that letter and she would have it. Who did that wicked little tramp think she was to hide such secrets from her? Her finger throbbing wildly and her heart pounding fiercely against her breast, Charlotte made long, elegant strides through the crowd with confidence though she did not know where she was going or even if she was close to finding her pursuit. From behind her darkened glasses, she scanned the people of this town with a kind of ruthlessness that made her blood pulse faster. She couldn’t help smiling as she walked and saw the dullards part before her. It was as though they knew their lot. They knew she was a woman of determination and very soon, one that would have the power to command their respect. The secret in Caroline’s fragile, breakable hand would be hers soon and she could practically feel it calling to her. Like it was leading her along amid the sleepy people as she made her way towards her target though she could not yet see her. She felt it! By god, she felt the pull of something tugging at her and with the kind of determination of a predator, she let her instinct pull her until finally she saw the ridiculous cloche and the wool coat that she sought.

The wicked smile on her red lips parted wider. Casually tucked into her carelessly stained glove, Caroline stroked her letter, awaiting entry to the post office. There was a crush of people about and her half sister looked every bit as uncomfortable as she was on the street but there was a calm in her that had been missing on the street. The deed was almost through for her, she must be thinking. Charlotte’s pace slowed but her heart was racing at the thought that this was indeed almost over. Oh but it would be glorious in a moment. Her lips pursed as she focused on the letter. The tug at her was almost unbearable now as she felt her breath stagger and her chest shudder. She wrung her fingers together as she dutifully walked towards the hateful woman in the wool coat. Charlotte grit her teeth together to keep from making a noise. All the while Caroline fidgeted with her letter, straining to see to the front of the line up. The woman in front of her was holding a small batch of letters in one hand and the hand of her child in the other. The child was anxious to move, getting bored and squirming to get out of her mother’s grip. It was as though the set up had been arranged just for her to cause chaos.

With a malicious smile on her lips, Charlotte straightened her back, quickened her step and with an excessive amount of force that might otherwise embarrass her, shouldered her hated sibling into the woman before her. The scene played out in brilliantly choreographed discord as a spread of envelops hit the floor, the mother reigned in on her child’s hand as the girl tugged to get away. In the midst of it all was Caroline, trying to avoid being seen as the idiot she was and the letter tumbled from her stained glove amid the others. Charlotte had scooped it from the floor before the fool had time to arrange the cloche properly on her head and the mother kept her at bay, scolding her as Caroline began to the mad scrabbling to find her own letter amid the others. Charlotte felt her heart swell with wicked delight as she clutched the envelop to her chest, her finger stinging madly. She left as Caroline began to howl in dual fury and terror at her loss.

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