Dear Mr. White;

This letter may well find you seething and for once, I suppose I understand entirely. There are many things that I might yet say to try to quell your anger but I find that I am lacking. It should please you to know that this is among the most humiliating letters I have ever written in my career and very likely my whole life. I am well aware of what I am saying and if I can find even a moment of grace from you, I shall count myself as lucky. All this said, I shall attempt to do this while holding on to what I can of my dignity. Should you allow me this, I shall count myself fully blessed by something that does not know me well enough to know better.

While I do not intend to provide you with excuses on the failures that you’ve seen, I wish it to be known that there was nothing in my plans that had included the deaths that have come about. To say that I was unaware that the men I dealt with were scoundrels would be a lie but the depths of their disloyalty is something I was in the dark on. I had counted only on the idea that they would try to barter a new price but I was wholly unprepared to find out that they were preparing operations of their own. I had put too much faith in the Brotherhood and their members. It is a mistake I have already paid dearly for and I assure you that I am surprised as any that I have managed to stay alive. I am aware that this grace with them may not last. They have gathered and they will come to town shortly. Your home is secure but the base of operations that I have been running out of is not. They know of it and already I have seen their numbers swell. I know they are here and waiting on a particular Brother to surface. When he does, there will be trouble.

It may come as some relief that your participation in these matters is still a matter of secrecy. The name Mr. White remains the only piece of the puzzle that anyone has and you’ve made a point to create such a shadow around the name that only I know for certain who you are. It is a secret I will take the grave if this fails. I am aware that this situation has reached such a dire state. It is my promise that they will not find anything that might link you in these events. It is my hope, however, that this will grant me a single favor from you now.

My promise will stand but if this plan has any chance of succeeding still, I need you to cooperate with only one more request. I admit that this is distasteful but it will serve both of us. Of this I can assure you and I give you my full promise on this: should this fail, your name will still remain clear and you will not see the consequences that I fear are around the corner. If this succeeds, we will both be able to walk away from this as happier men. Should it fail, only I will fall and your name will remain lost. Please remember this as I ask because I know of what I am requesting and given the horrid climate of affairs, I can well imagine you are running short on charity. I am aware I am begging but this is important enough to warrant it. I only need now for you to answer to the fiend himself. You will not have to mail to him as I will see to that myself. If he sees Mr. White’s signature on a note that I can verify is from present times, he will relent. He is not a wise man at all and I know that if I can push him to continue in his own nefarious dealings, he will still be set to take that fall in the end.

I admit it that this is my aim. Though I’ve been careful with the details, I am far too entrenched in my dealings now to deny it. If my aim is the death of me, so be it. I had made this promise many years ago and though I regret that there might yet be some casualties to this cause, I am willing to pay that price. Anything to see that name in ruins and I intend to make this a reality if it takes me to my dying breath. I know that you are motivated to get your sibling back and I am asking you to assist if only for that reason. I know all too well the cruelty of that household and I am revealing far too much. I know that this might be used against me and I care not. I expect to be dead before our next correspondences are even written. But so help me, I want to see this rotten house burn for its sins and if you will lend me one more leap of faith, I can see to it that you will see your sister taken from their clutches before everything goes down in the flames that I have set.

Please do not delay. The time grows shorter and the Brotherhood is growing restless. If you receive no reply to this letter, please know that for all my torment in working with you, I would fully consider it again should I have been given the chance. I doubt to a high degree that I would accept such a bloody foolish offer if I had half the chance to think about it again but I would still consider it and that is as much as my dignity will allow me to admit.

Mr. Gray

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