My dear, short-sighted Mr. Gray;

Would it do any good for me to chastise your utter stupidity at this point? Truly, I wish that contending to insult this plan and the spectacular failure of it to this point would give me some satisfaction but I assure you that I derive absolutely no pleasure in this matter at all. You may think of this as a reply infused my with typical “charm” that you so enjoy mocking, however, I haven’t the words to express the damned mess that I am looking down. To use the word livid right now feels positively pale in comparison to the depth of my anger. For the life of me, I cannot express how I feel and worst of all, I cannot even explain to myself why I am continuing to write but in the interest of contending with the rot before both of us, I shall.

Contrary to what you might have thought upon sending your previous correspondence, some of this tripe has fallen very close to my doorstep already and given the people who have come into the township in the last month, I don’t have to tell you that it has led to a number of terse encounters that I have dealt with personally. Given also the fact that I had to see to some of those items that were on your demand list in person to see to it that no one else was endangered by your plan, this has been somewhat of a new headache for me as I have to answer for the way this plan has gone sour. About the only good that I have been able to muster is that your pet plan to trap and torment your nemesis isn’t yet lost as he is held in such disregard, it has been easy to sway the minds of those who’ve dealt with him. I have contacts that I can add to the count and verify that he is a villain but you’ve put me in a damned precarious position as those contacts have my name attached to them.

Understand me well, Mr. Gray, this world of yours that is bent on the destruction of an already wretched name is something that I need more information on because this stands to harm more than me. Your quest for revenge is something that may very well bring about a dark cloud to my house and if I should fall, that would be one thing that I have prepared for. That said, I have a house filled with people for whom that will not only affect but it will lead many of them to the very houses they fled in coming here. My staff may mean nothing to you but many of them have been bought out under false names from that terrible house and they stand only to return to it or one equally as rotten should this place crumble. My own life is something I may take for granted but I will not compromise theirs. Not for a revenge plot that is not even my own and not when there is a living woman in that house that I have given over my trust to you in hopes of saving. She is cunning and dangerous but everyone’s luck runs out and just as surely as this season is coming to a bitter end, so must his patience. I know my sister and I know her methods of dealing with her surroundings. If her captor is still alive, she is likely to be closing in on her final days.

You still have faith in your plan and while I am remiss to agree with you that this might still work, I feel like the time to confide in you in letters is well passed. We must shore up what must be done and be finished with this affair now. I cannot agree to wait any longer as my sister’s life may be ended by then and your plan may be for naught by the time we find out for sure. I will meet with you in a designated place somewhere that is not your area of operations nor my home. I regard this with suspicion and I may not agree to what you’ve considered doing but if there is any merit in trying to sort this mess out, I will do what needs to be done. If trouble should follow, we will have to agree to set aside our differences for the moment and deal with whatever should come when it arrives. Whatever comes, however, I will make arrangements that not a single person involved in this bloody mess will find their way to the house. Not a single one of my staff will stand in that shadow to find themselves at the mercy of this plan gone awry. Should it, suffice it to say, I will make arrangements on how such things will be dealt with and if I should be gone by that point, I will warn you now that you will wish to be as well.

As of writing, I am awaiting a correspondence set to arrive today. I suggest meeting at the high tea room in the older hotel. It does not serve as the most discrete place to meet, I understand. Nor should it be. I am well aware that anywhere else is likely to be just as obvious in the eyes upon you and if we are to be made a spectacle, I wish for it to be somewhere familiar and somewhere where we expect as such. Besides this, assuming that your own charming personality traits have not created any issues there, we should at least be able to be warmly received and perhaps there will be hope for this venture after all. We will not be alone. This I can assume and I know I will be correct. I ask only that you be prepared for this and be aware that this may yet cause more trouble but this is the nature of this affair from here on out.

Finally, I am aware of what was found at the site that you had brought me to and while it’s a damn shame, it is also something that we may be able to use. I do not like this one bit and the loss of life there looks brutal and senseless from the reports that I’ve been given. The visitors have every right to be livid and so we can expect as much. That said, anger can be turned to action and now that everyone is involved in some method, we may yet pull out of this. I do not hold high hopes but there is a chance if the cards so will it. If I receive no word back, I will make arrangements to meet the visitors myself as of the coming week. I suggest, should this not find you dead for your mistakes, that you attend. There is much to talk about and even more to arrange.

Mr. White

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