To Master Reginald Kent;

My sincere apologies for this unsolicited inquiry, sir, but it seems as though I should contact you at once regarding certain matters that have come to my attention. I am a solicitor working in Courtland County on a number of lucrative contracts at the moment and it appears as though one of my clients is an associate of yours. This comes as no surprise considering the standing of the Kent name in the community. That said, I deeply regret to inform you that there is something of a difficulty regarding this client and one that needs your attention as well. It seems as though there is some confusion as to who holds the land title for a particular building bordering the township. At the time of writing, the client in question is making a significant bid to myself and to members of town council that he is, in fact, owner of the land title. That said, I confess that I am writing to you in attempt to gain a fuller perspective on the situation, if you will. Perhaps a better understanding of the whole before I inform my client of anything further.

While I take my work very seriously, Master Kent, and I would like to see to it that the land title go to its rightful owner or, in the case that clear ownership cannot be found, that the property be settled in the hands of the one who will take care of it. I couldn’t help but notice that there is a slight difference between the fellow that I am contracted to and yourself. Namely, you are clearly a man of culture and breeding. You have several land holdings of registered landmarks in town and have projects running to restore various sites that are deemed historical preserves. I applaud your commitment to the community, good sir, and I felt compelled to contact you in regards to the dispute of this land holding because of its age. You see, sir, the building that my client claims to have the title to is quite old and has amassed a certain amount of damages due to neglect. My client has stated on paper that this is due to a certain amount of difficulty that he has had recently in getting proper paperwork in order and that the repairs are something that he is willing to take up as soon as he can. With all due respect, I humbly submit that this may take some time for a man such as this and that the property may yet fall into a state where it is unworthy of saving. While it may not be my place, I extend this contact to you, Master Kent, in good faith as a means to share my concern with one whom I hope will be an equally concerned citizen.

Enclosed, you will find some photographs that I have taken and would request that you keep these to yourself at this time. These are simply to allow for context in regards to this matter, something I assume that you’ll appreciate. I do believe in the process of justice being fair and in order to have such a thing in place, I do believe that both parties might do well to be completely informed. Again, I must stress that I do take my work seriously and while I am being completely forthcoming with you on this matter in regards to the client that I am currently contracted to, there are means by which I might work towards the interests of all involved, so to speak. Lest you believe that I am presenting a hollow or corrupt deal to you, Master Kent, I am prepared to have an associate meet with you to go over the exact details of this land title dispute at your earliest convenience. I have every intention on doing what would be best to serve the community and should that mean that the title fall into the hands of someone most deserving, so be it. I would hate to see such a precious piece of our proud heritage fall victim to neglect and disrepair when there is still so much that might yet be done.

If you find that you are also skeptical of my offer, please note that I have not nor will I seek in the future any monetary assistance from you. I want to make it clear that I have already been paid an adequate fee for my services and to seek further reimbursement would go against the contract that I am still under. I wish to stress this in the event that one might believe that I would accept or solicit payment from both yourself and my client. I have no interest in such things and I wish only to act in the best interest of the greater good. If I truly believed that my client would be able to handle the responsibility of the property as well as the rather daunting restoration that would be needed for it, I might not waste your time on this matter. However, as I have said before, given the issue concerning the title of the land and the degree to which I feel that this important piece of Courtland County’s precious heritage may be protected, I cannot in good faith remain silent. Should you feel that this offer is of no concern of yours, I will respect that decision and we can assume that you will be happy to offer up the title as well as a fee for legal council which was specified by my client. (I’ll have you know that this was something that my client had insisted upon.) If, on the other hand, you feel that this is something that piques your interest, please feel free to contact myself or the gentleman who had unearthed this confusion over the land title in the first place. We’ll be happy to update you on the matter and advise you according to your decision.

Finally, while I am dreadfully sorry that this was the nature of my first contact with you, I am willing to make a better second impression if I may. As I have stated before, I believe the work that you have done for the community is admirable and your commitment to the preservation of the heritage of the fine people here is worthy of celebration as well as reward. Even if you should find yourself unable to attend to this particular issue (I understand that you are a very busy man), I should like to extend my offer for a meeting for a future date. I do quite a lot of work related to restoration and I would like very much to make the acquaintance of a man who is clearly as passionate about preserving our past as I am. Do consider this an invitation to speak at your soonest convenience. I am aware that there are some rather fine establishments in town that sir might favor over others. Please do let me know if this is something that you would enjoy and I shall make the proper reservations.

With Sincere Regards,

Mr. P. Greyson

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